Nothing compares to the excitement and the jitteriness any first time can bring. If this is your first time to fly to another country, you will not just experience the thrill of your first-ever plane ride. You will also have to get your passport and your visa for the first time, and pack your things for an international travel for the first time. Sure it’s a lot of first times, so to help you in your first-ever trip outside your country, here are the things that you should always keep in mind:

Get all the paper works done!

When you travel abroad, including the U.S., you will need to secure a passport. Luckily, passports are generally not difficult to obtain (unless you’re living in a country full of red tapes). You only need to follow your local regulations on how to get a passport and this will just be a breeze.

However, applying for a visa is a different story! It can be difficult, even if you will just be visiting America as a tourist. For immigrants wanting to stay in the U.S. for good, a different, more stringent visa application system may apply. Individuals who are interested in moving to the U.S. for business purposes should apply for an EB-5 visa to qualify for permanent residency. However, being eligible for a EB-5 visa can be too complicated, and may also involve a substantial amount of money.

Know the culture

If you plan to go to the U.S. just to see the country or if you want to stay for good, one great advantage that you have is the knowledge of the language. However, learning about the Western way of living is still a must. Learn more about American English expressions, revisit your favorite Hollywood films, here are just some of the many things you can do learn more about American culture.