There is no one “way” to be a teacher. You could be a middle school teacher, a private school teacher, a science and math teacher, or even a teacher for an extra-curricular. So disregard and ignore anybody trying to police what it means to be a teacher or trying to enforce certain norms about what a teacher must look like or do.

Similarly, there are a million ways to be a lawyer. Yes, it might seem from Law and Order or other legal dramas that a “real” lawyer is a tall, chiseled-chin man who yells for justice. But anybody with enough grit and determination can go to law school, pass the bar or another lawyer qualification exam, and work in any type of law they want. No matter your gender, your religion, or your race, being a lawyer is a dynamic and amazing career to pursue.

I have to admit that I was biased, though. I truly did think that the Law and Order types of lawyers were the best kinds of lawyers. Mostly because I did not know of any others! While I am still not an attorney nor a legal expert, I can confidently say that after a little bit of research, I have learned a lot about the different types of lawyers that a person can be! In this article, I will describe some of the different types of law as well as some of the parallel businesses that work with lawyers to pursue justice.

Different types of law

While this is not definitive, some types of law that a lawyer can practice and litigate in court include:

  • Criminal law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Finance and tax law
  • International business law
  • Human rights law
  • Political, campaign, or non-profit law
  • Constitutional law

As you can probably tell, there is a wide range of regulations and rules about which any topic you can imagine. And each category of litigation has a differing amount of competitiveness. This means that some lawyers must not only focus on being the best lawyer for their client but also devise strategies to market themselves or acquire clients/cases. Personal injury law is one of the most competitive fields in which a lawyer can work; our world is dangerous and people are injured every day!

Parallel businesses

Some businesses operate not as law firms, but as companies dedicated to helping lawyers earn new clients or retain current clients. Other instances, such as the legal conversion experts of Intake Conversion Experts work to transform potential clients into trusted clients relying on a specific firm. They do this by offering bilingual services, handling administrative work, and doing other tasks that can cloud up a law firm and prevent them from working at their optimum. Personally, I think it is so fascinating that the legal business is so large and competitive that entire businesses have been constructed out of lawyers’ business needs — many of these companies are staffed by marketing or business experts, not lawyers! They can offer a unique perspective to retention and conversion.